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esportsGlobal Sports Investment Network have now launched our new section GSIN eSports, here our eSports teams sit alongside our general sports clubs and ownership model.

Utilising the ever growing and global appeal for eSports we can help publish our owned clubs brands to a truly global audience through the power of computer gaming and magnitude of eSports Tournaments on a regular basis. Our club brands will be placed in front of a whole new sports fan audience, capturing the hearts and minds of millions of online players, fans and followers.

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Our eSports Plan!

To continue our principles and concept to take our clubs from bottom to top we aim to follow this model with eSports too! We are looking to devise qualifying tournaments with the aim to create the next future global eSports superstar to represent our owned sports clubs. Concentrating predominantly on the Fifa football game for both Playstation 4 and Xbox One we will look to launch our initial qualification tournaments in the very near future.

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